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“There is no best, only Better”, it is the pursuit we will never stop.
  • Medical Waste Incinerators In South America Hospital

    Medical waste incineratorSome 20-25% of the total waste generated by healthcare establishments is regarded as hazardous and may create a variety of health and environmental risks if not managed and destroyed in an appropriate manner.Incineration is the only method providing complete destruction and   Read More>

  • Why Build A Sewage Regulating Tank Before Sewage Treatment?

    It can be summarized into three main functions: water regulation + balanced water quality + pretreatment.1. Provide buffer capacity for sewage treatment load2. Reduce the fluctuation of sewage flow into the treatment system3. In the control of sewage PH value. In terms of stabilizing water quality,   Read More>

  • 20sets Incinerator Unloading In Niger

    We aim to work with every customer on an individual basis and provide you with top-quality service and the products you desire for your environment.1.DescriptionWFS series medical waste incinerator is a kind of machine that possess the own intellectual property, features unique and advanced merits w   Read More>

  • How To Maintain Submersible Pump

    Various problems will inevitably occur in the daily operation of the submersible pump. In order to extend its service life and ensure the normal operation of the submersible pump and its associated system, the submersible pump and its control system should be fully maintained at least once a year. T   Read More>

  • How To Purify Traditional Chinese Medicine Waste Water?

    1, physical and chemical methods: including coagulation, precipitation, filtration, air flotation, adsorption, ion exchange, membrane separation, neutralization, REDOX, extraction, blowing and stripping.2, biological method: mainly anaerobic method and aerobic method. Anaerobic treatment includes UA   Read More>

  •  Finished MBR/STP/SCREW PRESS Supplier & Manufacturers | BETTER

    MBR,STP,screw press,bar screen,incinerator etc. products have been finished and showing in the workshop, we specializing in design and production of environmental protection machine,and got many good reputions from customers.   Read More>

  • 2000TPD Resort Domestic Wastewater Treatment--MBR System

    MBR technology taking use of membrane separation technology to realize solid-liquid separation which substitutes secondary sedimentation tank in activated sludge process. This technology not only achieves the goal of water and sludge separation but also has the unparalleled advantage compared with   Read More>

  • How Does Sodium Hypochlorite Generator Work?

    Main components:Salt box, electrolytic cell, intelligent electrolytic power supply, control system, dosing systemMaterials used:Industrial salt (NaCL) refined industrial salt ≥ 99.10%Product features:The titanium anode is made of ruthenium, iridium, cuffed, platinum and other precious metal coatings   Read More>

  • Plastic Washing Using Site-Shallow Flotation Machine Treatment Effect

    The shallow air float machine adopts the principle of dissolved air float, which is to pass part of dissolved air water into the water to be treated, and use the tiny bubbles released by dissolved air water to surface the suspended matter or oil in the water, so as to achieve the purpose of solid-li   Read More>

  • What Is Membrane Bioreactor System?

    Advanced membrane-bioreactor and active sludge method is taken into use in MBR-underground effluent treatment plant. Membrane separation process takes the place of conventional biological treatment and gravity settling process to treat the effluent to achieve clean, high standard and stable water wh   Read More>

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