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5 Sets Waste Incinerator Loading To Malaysia

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With the increasing enviromental issues ,environmental treatment machines caught peoples' more and more attention.The goverment  pays more attention to waste treatment system to avoid environmental's pollution.

The middle-small scale incinerators that Shandong Better company produced are a useful technology to combust household waste,medical waste,slaughter waste,animals waste etc. instead of discharging it in a landfill.It characterized below,

1. Enclosed structure,avoid secondary pollution,small occupied space.

2. thickness of refractory material is much thicker than the same product of other company, the effect of preserving heat is better.

3.  Energy saving,the working of combustion-supporting system is intermittent,so it won’t consume much fuel.

4. The machine is equipped with double chamber and double burner,under high temperature,the waste after treating can be fully decomposed,no black smoke.

5. Unique smoke purification room,its responsible for absorbing the acidic materials through calcium oxide.

6. Electric box with timer, temperature showing system and automatic ignition

7. Refractory material with Anti-rust paint,the service life is longer.

8. Inner air blower is individually controlled, in case backfire and extend the life of burner

9. Volume of second combustion chamber is bigger than others,so exhaust gas stays longer

10.3D installation video can be provided by us,save your cost for engineer.

on 1st of June,5sets incinerator loading to Kuching port of Malaysia for animals' treatment.Welcome to inquire if you have any needs.

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