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How Does Belt Type Filter Press Work

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Like shown in the video,belt type filter press is working well,it's for 30cbm per day activated sludge dewatering,we recommended 2m of width belt type filter press considering of kinds and capacity of sludge. Let's check out how does it works.

Firstly let's take a brief of introduction of this machine.RBYL-Belt filter press is a sewage treatment device which can continuously press large amounts of sludge. By using high strength material, the device is characterized in large treating capacity, high dewatering efficiency and long service life. The high quality belt and long life bearing ensure the device’s performance and quality and make it widely used in the sewage treating industries.

It consisits 3 parts.

1. Gravity dehydration area

When the sewage enter into the sludge mixing tank and mix with polymer, the suspended particles in the sludge will turn into big floc particles under the connecting action of polymer. Then the sludge enter into the automatic distribution device through the top of mixing tank in the way of gravity flow, the floc sludge would evenly distribute in the filter cloth of gravity dehydration area.

The main purpose of gravity concentration dehydration area is to make the free water discharge through the holes in the filter cloth by gravity and improve the concentration of sludge and make the floc sludge stable so as to bring convenience to the follow-up dewatering work.

2. Pressure dehydration area

When the sludge enter into the pressure dehydration area from gravity dehydration area, the filter

cloth start to pressure and squeeze the sludge to dewater.

3. Pressure-add dehydration area

The sludge enter into the pressure-add dehydration area with the filter cloth. There are six

vertical rollers in this area, with the rollers’ diameter become smaller, the pressure would become bigger. The up and down filter cloth produce shear force between different rollers and squeeze out the capillary water in the floc sludge so as to produce dry sludge cake.

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