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What Is The Function Of Aerobic Tank And Anaerobic Tank? Products | BETTER

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As you may know,the whole sewage treatment system consists of anaerobic tank and aerobic tank,sludge tank and clean water tank,today let's figure out how does it work.

Aerobic pool:

The use of aerobic microorganisms (including facultative microorganisms) in the presence of oxygen for biological metabolism to degrade organic matter, make it stable, harmless treatment method. Microorganisms use organic pollutants present in water as substrates for aerobic metabolism, after a series of biochemical reactions, release energy step by step, and finally stabilize with low energy inorganic substances to achieve harmless requirements, so as to return to the natural environment or further treatment. In sewage treatment engineering, aerobic biological treatment methods include activated sludge method and biofilm method.

Function of anaerobic tank:

By using anaerobic bacteria, organic matter can be hydrolyzed, acidified and methanated, organic matter in wastewater can be removed, and the biodegradability of wastewater can be improved, which is conducive to the subsequent aerobic treatment. The anaerobic degradation process of polymer organic matter can be divided into four stages: hydrolysis stage, fermentation (or acidification) stage, acetic acid production stage and methane production stage.

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