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What Is Membrane Bioreactor System?

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Advanced membrane-bioreactor and active sludge method is taken into use in MBR-underground effluent treatment plant. Membrane separation process takes the place of conventional biological treatment and gravity settling process to treat the effluent to achieve clean, high standard and stable water which can be reclaimed with high qualification.

Simple procedure. Membrane bioreactor tank substitutes conventional contact oxidation pond\sedimentation tank and intermediate tank with simple process which is easy to manage. High automation membrane bioreactor adopts integrated design with compact structure which small occupied space.

Even not necessary to discharge sludge. Because the MBR plant can work under sludge concentration 10g/L, and COD can be highly biodegradation in high concentrated MBR pond, there is even no surplus sludge left.

The whole plant can realize automatic intermittent operation. Pump valve of system obeys systematic order to stop and work. Water-level in auto-control \membrane pollution control and fault warning control is placed for better observation.

The MBR underground effluent treatment plant is suitable for the daily wastewater treatment and high-quality wastewater discharge of building domestic regions, hotels, restaurants, flats and bath centers.
The treated water can be used for:
1. Toilet water, green land irrigation
2. Landscape irrigation and non-human direct contact usage.


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