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What Does Sewage Treatment Plant Work?

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WWTP we produced  adopt biochemical treatment method to purify waste water there're some medias which put inside of the machine which are mainly used for cultivating bacterium to degrade some harmful material under some certain environment.The machine is divided into many tanks,anaerobic tank ,aerobic tank, sludge tank and clean water tank.Regulating tank is for regulating volume and quality of water.Anaerobic tank and aerobic tank are for aeration to provide oxygen to cultivate bacterium.       Wastewater flows into next tank,after long time sludge will be precipitated.some sludge of aerobic tank goes back to anaerobic tank for providing bacterium and reduce ammonia,nitrogen.

Normally, customers provide raw water datas and tell us what outlet water requiremnts is, then we will design flow chart for them. such as COD is about 500, if you want to recyle it to water plants, then the COD must be reduced to below 100

COD means chemical oxygen demands,BOD Biochemical oxygen demand

It can be buried under the earth.The surface can be used as green land,and there’s no need for plant construction, neither heating nor heat reservation.


Nursing homes,tourist attraction, residential quarters, hospital,,factory,hotel,airport,station etc

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