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WWTP Installation Site

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The 30TPD domestic wastewater treatment plant was exported to Pakistan last month.For now the machine has already installed completely with the help of after-sales service engineer.

With the fast development of economy and increase of population, much more attention are paid by human beings to the nature pollutants. Based on the summary of sewage plants' operation and combined with our own achievements in scientific research and manual practice, we designed a set of organic sewage treatment device which adopts the nineties advanced technology and manufacturing skill at home and abroad. The device adopts FRP and stainless steel as the main material, the main purpose of this device is to make the industrial and domestic sewage meet the discharge and reuse requirement.

The device is widely used in the residential district (include villa), hotel, hospital, office building, printing and dyeing mill, chemical plant and other small sewage treatment factory and company. The outlet water after treatment can meet the national requirement of Integrated Wastewater Discharge Standard. The whole device can be buried under the earth, so it is named "Underground Sewage Treatment Device".

installation site

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