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Shallow Air Flotation Machine Loading For Pig Manure Sewage Treatment Manufacturers - BETTER

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Datas is as below,

sewage:pig manure sewage;

SS of inlet water:6000-7000mg/L

removal rate of ss:≥80%;

scum solid contents:≥2%;


Based  above characteristics of sewage,we recommended shallow air flotation machine for this project。Air flotation is the most effective method for the removal of small suspended particles whose specific gravity is close to that of water. Shallow air float machine successfully uses "shallow pool theory" and "zero speed" principle to design, set flocculation, air float, slag skimming, precipitation, scraping mud in one, is a kind of high efficiency and energy saving water purification equipment.


The Better Environmental company has a sincere vision to create a better, healthier environment with our professional technology and products such as dissolved air flotation machine, package sewage treatment plant, mechanical filters, horizontal decanter centrifuge, waste incinerator, etc. As an environmental protection equipment manufacturer, we specialize in solutions for sewage treatment, solid-liquid separation and waste incineration. Our location is adjacent to Qingdao city, providing us with a good port transportation advantage to service customers aboard more efficiently. Better Environmental seeks a better environment for all! With over a decade of development, we have grown into one of the most well-known environmental protection equipment providers north of the Yangtze River. We have established a solid-liquid research laboratory, put together a professional engineering and technical team of more than 50 staff, and are firmly dedicated to upgrading and improving both our products and manufacturing process on a consistent basis. Through these ongoing efforts we have been granted over 20 national invention patents. Better Environmental believes in quality and customer satisfaction are of the utmost priority and so we strictly control the production process to ensure our products possess high quality and our clients are totally satisfied. We are a fully equipped manufacturer, with more than 80 sets of machinery, supporting the processing of cutting, sheet-metal working and precision machining. We can assemble more than 50 sets of environmental friendly equipment, monthly. Due to our rapid growth, in addition to the current production space of 80,000 square meters, we have started to build our third-stage production base, to further expand our production capacity. Clients know they can rely on the stable and reliable quality of our products and this has allowed us to export to Japan, the Netherlands, Russia, and more than 30 countries, throughout the Middle East, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, South America, Africa and other regions, and we have earned a solid reputation from them. "There is no best; only better", we are dedicated to make every effort to help create Better global environmental protection!

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