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Plastic Washing Using Site-Shallow Flotation Machine Treatment Effect

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The shallow air float machine adopts the principle of dissolved air float, which is to pass part of dissolved air water into the water to be treated, and use the tiny bubbles released by dissolved air water to surface the suspended matter or oil in the water, so as to achieve the purpose of solid-liquid separation. First, the principle of air flotation technology

Two, the main structure of shallow air flotation machine: The main engine of efficient shallow air flotation equipment refers to the separated part of the air flotation equipment, including: pool body, scum collection device, overflow regulation device, rotary inlet cloth water mechanism, etc.

Three, the main characteristics:

1. Low water velocity -- the water relative to the wall velocity is close to zero, no agitation of the water in the pool, so that the particles in the water float or settle under the static, high purification degree, the removal rate of suspended matter up to 91%;

2, high utilization rate of soluble gas - the use of high pressure soluble gas pipe, the unit soluble gas rate is as high as 90%, good air floating effect.

3, floating without interference - the water depth is generally 650mm; The floating path is short, the resistance is small, the speed is fast.

4, reasonable skimming bucket - spiral slag bucket skimming agitation is small, good effect.

Four, the scope of application: The equipment with advanced design, excellent performance, widely used in petroleum, chemical, steel, leather, electric power, textile, food, brewing, municipal and other industries of sewage treatment system, is the traditional air flotation equipment replacement products.

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