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You are here: Home » Customer Case » Package sewage treatment plant in Philippines resort hotel

Package sewage treatment plant in Philippines resort hotel

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Package sewage treatment plant in Philippines resort hotel

Resort sewage mainly is the guest room drainage (including bath, toilet waste water), catering waste water, dust washing water and bedding washing water.


Advantages and advantages of integrated resort sewage treatment equipment:

The use of MBR system integrated equipment for sewage treatment, with high treatment efficiency, low energy consumption, less mud production, convenient management, small footprint, and other advantages.


Main Features:

(1)The device use plug flow biological contact oxidation pond, the effect is better. Besides, it is smaller than active sludge pool. The applicability to the water is stronger, impact resistance performance is good, discharging water is stable, there is no sludge expansion. In addition, the new elastomeric stereoscopic materials in the oxidation  pond  have a higher removing rate, and also can improve the water solubility of oxygen.
(2) Because of the low volume load of fillings in AO bio-treatment technology of the device, and microbes are in the stage of oxygen, it would produce less mud. Generally only 90 days for one sludge removal.

(3) The device features easy operation, automatic control.

(4) Convenient maintenance, the working life can be more than 30 years



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