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How To Choose Sewage Treatment Equipment

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Integrated sewage treatment equipment has the characteristics of no civil construction, fast treatment speed, long life, etc., and is widely used. When choosing integrated sewage treatment equipment, the following aspects are mainly considered:

1, sewage treatment equipment treatment process

According to the range of sewage that needs to be treated, the appropriate sewage treatment process is selected. The mainstream treatment processes of integrated sewage treatment equipment on the market now are: biofilm method, contact oxidation method, cyclic activated sludge method and so on. Among these mainstream processes, the more common are the biofilm method and the contact oxidation method. Their treatment effect is relatively good, and the suspended matter and turbidity are almost zero.

2, sewage treatment equipment material

For integrated sewage treatment equipment, the general use of carbon steel material, its characteristics are very distinct, cost-effective, high strength characteristics. The second is fiberglass steel, which is characterized by lightweight texture and corrosion resistance, but it is easy to deform and aging after long-term use. Finally, stainless steel material, its price is relatively high, but the corrosion resistance, welding characteristics are strong, the service life is not short.

3. Tonnage of sewage treatment equipment

This aspect is mainly based on the amount of sewage that needs to be treated to choose, if you need a relatively large sewage treatment equipment, you can contact Shandong Better Co.,Ltd to customize it.

4, sewage treatment equipment accessories

Some key accessories in sewage treatment equipment, such as sewage lifting pumps, fans, etc., are used more frequently, and need to be used one by one, so as to avoid failure affecting the operation of sewage treatment equipment, pay attention to choosing products that are easy to buy accessories.

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