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How Does Sodium Hypochlorite Generator Work?

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Main components:

Salt box, electrolytic cell, intelligent electrolytic power supply, control system, dosing system

Materials used:

Industrial salt (NaCL) refined industrial salt ≥ 99.10%

Product features:

The titanium anode is made of ruthenium, iridium, cuffed, platinum and other precious metal coatings, with stable performance, high electrolytic efficiency, no cleaning and corrosion resistance.

New type plate plate in the process of use, no cleaning and maintenance, long life, stable performance, low resistance, automatic balance, the best efficiency, reduce the power consumption, salt consumption, operation cost.

The original imported metering pump circulation system is adopted to keep the components of the electrolytic solution in a dynamic equilibrium state all the time, so as to ensure the stable operation of the equipment and ensure the use effect of the equipment.

Heat transfer system and equipment over-temperature protection system to ensure the best heat transfer effect. In the process of electrolysis, the internal temperature of the equipment exceeds 60℃ due to heat generation, and the problem of deformation caused by the strength of UPVC material used in the equipment is avoided.

Intelligent high frequency electrolytic power supply is used to make the YJ series sodium hypochlorite mixing high efficiency sterilizer work more stable, and realize the full automatic operation of the equipment, and can be operated by remote computer or with online flow meter and residual chlorine meter to achieve automatic closing cycle control.

The generator is all made of UPVC. Titanium composite material and other corrosion resistant, long service life.

Sodium hypochlorite disinfectant was prepared on site and operated safely and reliably.

According to the user's needs, the closed-loop automatic control or remote computer control can be realized by receiving 4-20ma signals from the flowmeter and residual chlorine sensor.


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