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Hospital Effluent Treatment Plant in Bangladesh

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Hospital Effluent Treatment Plant in Bangladesh


Hema Hospital effluent treatment plant loading site photo in our factory.


Hema is established in 1997, they do hospital development, design planning and implementation with their years of experience in hospital design and operational experience for both for new facilities and existing facilities redesign.


Hema installed Effluent Treatment Plant site photo in Dhaka.


Hema purchased our hospital wastewater treatment plant which are used in their Dhaka center Monowara hospital.

The wastewater treatment plant has been successfully operated with very good effect and they already cooperated with some other hospitals to use our system.


Attached photo is their good feedback and outlet water analysis report after they operating the ETP.


The wastewater treatment plant adopts the advanced biological treatment technology, can effectively remove BOD, COD and NH3-N.As the most efficient sewage treatment device, it is widely used in treating the waste water from industry factory, hospital etc, and sewage from senior hotels, villa districts and residential districts, etc. The water after treating would meet the international emissions standards.


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