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Dead chicken Waste incinerator in Philippines Chicken farm

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Dead chicken Waste incinerator in Philippines Chicken farm


The Hazarddanger of dead chickens

Animal carcasses, whether dead or diseased, often carry variety of germs, if left untreated or mishandled.

Dead bodies quickly decompose, decompose, and give off the bad smell, causing pathogenic microorganisms to contaminate the air, water and soil, causing the spread and spread of the disease, and people who come into direct or indirect contact with them are likely to be infected.

This requires prompt treatment to prevent the growth of bacteria and the spread of disease, harmless disposal of animal carcasses.


WFS Series Waste Incinerator is a kind of machine that was developed on the basis of Japanese technology, absorbs advantages of similar equipment both at home and abroad. It features unique and advanced merits with compact size, high burning effect, reasonable burning technology, high degree of non-harm etc. It is an ideal choice for waste treatment of hospitals medical waste, hotels,pets store waste, Pet Cremation , dead chicken,paper waste, multipurpose,camp,household waste ,animal body waste and various areas.

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(1) 100%Smokeless incinerator

(2)Long lifetime.

(3)Totally enclosed operation

(4)Suitable for treating many kinds of solid waste

(5)Avoid secondary pollution

(6) Simple operation


3.Technical support:

(1) 3D video guide                          
(2) Manual book in English
(3) Technical drawing
(4) Experienced engineers guidance and technical support



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