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260TPD Food Waste Water Treatment Project Of Yunnan Province

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This project incorprates those parts as below.

Anaerobic tank is a kind of efficient multistage internal circulation anaerobic reaction tank, which has the characteristics of less land area, high organic load, stronger impact resistance, more stable performance and simpler operation and management. Anaerobic tank is suitable for high concentration organic wastewater treatment, such as corn starch wastewater, citric acid wastewater, beer wastewater, potato processing wastewater, alcohol wastewater.

Flat flow air floatation machine, which can effectively remove suspended matter, grease and glue in water, is the main equipment for sewage treatment in the early stage

Biochemical processing is actually an artificial ecosystem. It removes pollutants more efficiently than natural ecosystems. The removal of pollutants is good because the screened strains can be inoculated, renewed, aerated and circulated continuously throughout the process.

Activated sludge is organic sludge, very suitable for stacking machine processing, food, slaughter, chemical industry, paper making, printing and dyeing, municipal sewage, sewage treatment system of the industry produced sludge, can be processed by stacking machine.



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