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2000TPD Resort Domestic Wastewater Treatment--MBR System

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MBR technology taking use of membrane separation technology to realize solid-liquid separation which substitutes secondary sedimentation tank in activated sludge process. This technology not only achieves the goal of water and sludge separation but also has the unparalleled advantage compared with conventional effluent three-level treatment technology. It is characterized by compact structure ,aesthetic appearance, small occupied space, low operating cost ,reliable operation,high automation as well as simple maintenance.
1.Solid-liquid separation can be realized efficiently. The separation effect is far better than conventional sedimentation tank with good quality after treated water. Suspended matters and turbidity in after treatment water approach zero. This technology saves water to the largest extent.
2.The interception performance of the membrane totally intercepts microorganism in bioreactor, in this way, HRT (hydraulic retention time) and SRT (sludge age) is totally separated which leads to flexible control and operation.
3.MBR combines aeration tank and secondary tank of conventional technology and at the same time takes the place of all technology of three-level treatment. In this way, building cost and land surface are greatly reduced.
4.Interception and breed of nitrobacteria highly improves the efficiency of system nitration. Deamination and dephosphorization can be realized by the change of operation method.
5.Because of long SRT (sludge age), the degradation efficiency will be highly improved.
6.Reactor is processing under low sludge loading, long sludge age. The surplus sludge is relatively low and the zero sludge discharge can be realized.
7.Totally PLC control.


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