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150kg Medical Waste Incinerator Using Site

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It's located in medical waste and solids treatment station,today let's check out the function of wet scrubber.The incinerator with wet scrubber system consists of 3 parts,combustion chamber,cooling and spraying system, cyclone dust collector.The combustion chamber is responsible for incinerating waste under high temperature, anything flammable will be decomposed in the last chamber and some gas absorbed by CaO(calcium oxide) as you may know acids neutralize alkalis. Then gas flows into cooling and spraying tower for cooling down temperature and reduce solid dust.Finally goes into cyclone dust collector with the help of an induced draft fan,airflow will change from linear motion to circular motion,some dust that density is bigger than gas contact with the inner parts of machine fall down as lost the force of inertia.Other remaining dust along with falling airflow flows out machine after spiral moving. It has the advantage over the normal type thus to achieve zero-emission.


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