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10TPD Waste Incinerator With Gas Treatment System Has Been Put Into Use

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It incorprate  elements of combustion chambers,wet scrubber and plasma gas treatment system.

The low temperature plasma waste gas treatment technology applied to the treatment of malodorous gas has the advantages of good treatment effect, low operation cost, no secondary pollution, stable operation, simple operation and management, and so on.

1, dielectric barrier discharge produces high electron energy, low temperature plasma density, to commonly used plasma technology (corona discharge) 1500 times, and almost all odor gas molecules.

2, the technical reaction speed is fast, the gas through the reaction zone speed reaches 3-15 meters/s, that is, to achieve a good treatment effect.

3, gas through the part, all use ceramic, quartz, stainless steel and other anti-corrosion materials, electrode and waste gas is not in direct contact, fundamentally solve the problem of low temperature plasma waste gas treatment technology equipment corrosion.

4, plasma waste gas treatment equipment host for a complete set of industrial waste gas treatment device, equipped with a special tower in front, can effectively remove the dust and water in the waste gas, simple operation.

5, high degree of automation, equipment start and stop is very fast, with the use of open, for part of the chemical production of discontinuity, can be opened in the production, do not produce the gap stop operation, a lot of energy saving.

6, the operation cost is low, compared with the commonly used regenerative combustion furnace RTO save the operation cost of 5-8 times, per cubic meter of gas operation cost is only 0.3 to 0.9 cents.

7, a wide range of applications, basically not affected by gas and mild pollutants, odor concentration of foul odor has a good decomposition effect, odor removal rate of 80-98%, after treatment of gas odor concentration to meet the national standard.

8, important features: non-methane total hydrocarbon as an example, using chromatography detection, non-methane total hydrocarbon removal rate may be only 45%, but the removal rate of odor odor up to 90%. This is because non-methane total hydrocarbons after treatment, part of the molecules into small molecules, with chromatography detection, still appear as non-methane total hydrocarbons. The high removal rate of malodorous odor indicates that more than 90% of the pollutants have actually been decomposed, because some of the decomposed substances also have odors.

9, plasma waste gas treatment technology treatment of industrial waste gas technology is not washing technology, is through high energy plasma direct breakdown and direct bombardment of pollutants, so that the molecular chain is broken, not the transfer of pollutants.

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